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2022 Year End Results

Zender Ford Open

Champion - Catsa Spot, owned by JT Bell, shown by Glen Beveridge

Reserve Champion - Lois Lane, owned by Jim Mann, shown by Travis Rempel

3. Highbrow Clay 012, owned by Connie Down-Cicoria, shown by Cody Smith

4. One Million Reasons, owned by Kate & Dustin Rusnack, shown by Travis Rempel

5. Wendels Got A Gun, owned by Don Jensen, Shown by Brady Jensen

Trans Peace Construction - 1987 LTD. Non Pro

Champion - Holliwood, owned and shown by Matt Anderson

Reserve Champion - Swampware, owned and shown by Haley Stradling

3. CR Reyly Tuff - owned and shown by Les Jack

4. One Time Is Short - owned and shown by Colleen Wallace

5. Rey Bound - owned and shown by Logan Warren

Moore Equine Veterinary Centre 50,000 Amateur

Champion - Colleen Wallace

Reserve Champion - Penelope Broad

3. Connie Down-Cicoria

4. Kathy Fisher

5. Kerry Baumann

Reid Cutting Horses 25,000 Novice Horse

Champion - Poor Lil Guy, owned by Penelope Broad, shown by Travis Rempel

Reserve Champion - What Ifs, owned by Leslie Posein, shown by Johnny Lukacs

3. Wendels Got A Gun, owned by Don Jensen, shown by Brady Jensen

4. Miss Playin RG, owned by Jody Volts, shown by Glen Beveridge

5. Mireycle Man, owned by Jeff Slade, shown by Dustin Gonnet

K&K Livestock Co. 25,000 Novice Horse Non Pro

Champion - RH Purrolator Cat, owned and shown by Sandy Reid

Reserve Champion - Bet Hesa Lena, owned and shown by Kaila Stewart

3. Sassy Lights, owned and shown by Pauli Smith

4. Buy George, owned and shown by Brian Pearse

5. Shinesintheboonlight, owned and shown by Melonie Armstrong

The Bullpen Arena & Diamond T Cowhorses 5,000 Novice Horse

Champion - Sweet N Spicy Chick, owned by Colleen & Brian Pearse, shown by Glen Beveridge

Reserve Champion - She Cast A Spell, owned by Pat Rorison, shown by Dustin Gonnet

3. Circe S, owned by Tory Correale, shown by Travis Rempel

4. Dry Smoking Dually, owned by Lloyd Turner, shown by Tyler Darroch

5. FFL Talkin About You, owned by Gord Roper, shown by Doug Reinhardt

The Stampede Ranch 5,000 Novice Horse Non Pro

Champion - An Anna Mate, owned by Amanda Digness, shown by Matt Anderson

Reserve Champion - Izzys From Heaven, owned and shown by Melonie Armstrong

3. Its Not A Swoosh, owned and shown by Danielle Beveridge

4. RH Metallic Ice, owned and shown by Sandy Reid

5. Hydriving Pepto, owned and shown by Scott Brady

Just Passing Horse Transport and Bereavement Services 35,000 Non Pro

Champion - Tom Thorlakson

Reserve Champion - Michelle van den Brink

3. Randy Vanee

4. Kate Rusnack

5. Leslie Posein

Integrity Buildings 15,000 Amateur

Champion - Brad Karl

Reserve Champion - Tanya Nelson

3. Dale Posein

4. Ryan Richels

5. Doug Sapergia

Cor Veterinary Services 2,000 Limit Rider

Champion - Micaela Thorlakson

Reserve Champion - Jeff Slade

3. Brooklyn Beveridge

4. Fred Moreau

5. Rashell Gouwenberg

Matheson Youth Class

Champion - Teresa Lukacs

Reserve Champion - Greta Wurtz

3. Ainsley Mills

4. Brooklyn Beveridge

5. Riley Palmer, Haley Palmer, Quinn Beveridge, Trinity Stawnichy

*Due to four way tie, the prize was awarded to the cutter with the highest score - congratulations Riley Palmer!

Huge thank you to our Never Won A Buckle sponsors, Reinhardt Cutting Horses, Col-Tan Farms Ltd, Lukacs Performance Horses and Jeff & Lynne Slade.

As well as our Industry Sponsors, Hoof & Wheel LTD. (Darcy Geherman & Amanda Smith), Back on Track Canada, Pauli Smith, Energy Equine Veterinary Services, Marc Ascione, Wolfe Automotive Group, Pro Cutter, Krystina Lynn Photography, T&T Sand & Gravel, Show Pro Industries, Colleen & Brian Pearse, Sara Kalke, Edmonton REALTOR®, Black Elk Cutting Horse Classic, Hitch N Stitch Design & Rainbow Ford.

2022 Saddle Series Winners

Saddle Series Winner Open - Glen Beveridge and Catsa Spot - K and K Livestock.jpg
Saddle Series Winner 5000 NHNP - Docs Shakin Date and Robin Hay - K and K Livestock.jpg
Saddle Series Winner 15000 Am - Tanya Nelson and NRR Spooky Cat - K and K Livestock.jpg


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  • Guy Matheson

  • T & T Sand & Gravel

  • Pauli Smith

  • Col-Tan Farms Ltd.

  • Lukacs Performance Horses

  • Jeff & Lynne Slade

  • Hoof & Wheel

  • Reid Equity Ventures

  • Show Pro Industries

  • Marc Ascione

  • Claresholm Beef Producers

  • Colleen & Brian Pearse

  • Randy Vanee

  • Davis Chevrolet Claresholm

  • Vanee Livestock

  • GD Cutting Horses

  • Sun Cured Alfalfa Cubes

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