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The Alberta Cutting Horse Association is looking forward to another great season! 2022 show dates are confirmed and we are working at ensuring the perfect fit for ACHA feature events this year, dates will be confirmed shortly.


2022 Directors:


President - Ken Mix

Vice President - Doug Reinhardt

Secretary/Treasurer - Robin Powell


Kaila Stewart, Marc Ascione, Emma Reinhardt, Sandy Reid, Louisa Murch-White, Amanda Smith, Randy Vanee, Johnny Lukacs, Shelley Travis.


2022 Committee Assignments:


Sponsorship/Budget - Louisa Murch White, Sandy Reid, Ken Mix

Judges - Cody Smith, Emma Reinhardt

Shows - Ken Mix, Doug Reinhardt, Sandy Reid

Year End Banquet/Prizes - Kaila Stewart, Amanda Smith, Shelley Travis

Novice Challenge - Amanda Smith, Emma Reinhardt, Johnny Lukacs

Youth - Emma Reinhardt, Kaila Stewart

Fundraising - Louisa Murch White, Doug Reinhardt, Ken Mix, Johnny Lukacs

Socials/Welcoming Committee - Randy Vanee, Sandy Reid, Shelley Travis, Amanda Smith

Banners - Sandy Reid

Social Media/Advertising - Louisa Murch White, Robin Powell


2022 Sponsorship:


2021 was a fantastic year for sponsorship! We are proud to have many return sponsors year after year, as well as new individuals and businesses that have come on board and believe in what the ACHA is doing to elevate, celebrate and promote cutters and the sport of cutting. 2021 finished off with a bang with the first ever ACHA Sponsor Cutting, which will again be reprised in 2022. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the ACHA, or working with our association in any capacity, please visit the sponsorship page to view the 2022 Sponsor Package, send us a DM or reach out to Director, Louisa Murch White at lmurchwhite@gmail.com.


➡ Pictured is Open Champion - Redneck Creyzy, owned by Rocky Davis, shown by Glen Beveridge and Non Pro Champion, Les Jack. Photos by the amazing, Krystina Lynn Photography.

2021 Year End Results

Zender Ford Open

1. Champion - Redneck Creyzy, owned by Rocky Davis, shown by Glen Beveridge

2. Reserve Champion - Catsa Spot, owned by JT Bell, shown by Glen Beveridge

3. This Cats Max, owned by Doug Wiens, shown by Travis Rempel

4. Emma Rey, owned by Amanda Smith, shown by Dustin Gonnet

5. RPL Cat N Around, owned by Monica Wille and Jim Agnew, shown by Dustin Gonnet


Trans Peace Construction Non Pro

  1. Champion - Les Jack

  2. Reserve Champion - Amanda Smith

  3. Haley Stradling

  4. Rocky Davis

  5. Heather Pedersen


Moore Equine $50,000 Amateur

  1. Champion - Colleen Wallace

  2. Reserve Champion - Scott Wardley

  3. John Martin

  4. Lisa Eaton

  5. Neil Shanks


T&T Sand & Gravel - $35,000 Non Pro

  1. Champion - Randy Vanee

  2. Reserve Champion - John Martin

  3. Julianna Lukacs

  4. Jeremy Walburger

  5. Trent Schade


Lynnwood Drugs - $15,000 Amateur

  1. Champion - Leslie Posein

  2. Reserve Champion - Trent Schade

  3. Meredith Sinister

  4. Ryan Richels

  5. Rebecca Gervin


Reid Cutting Horses - $25,000 Novice Horse

  1. Champion - High Brow Clay 012, owned by Connie Down-Cicoria, shown by Cody Smith

  2. Reserve Champion - Olenasdualy Boonsmal, owned by Carol Bailey, shown by Dustin Gonnet

  3. Lois Lane, owned by James Mann, shown by Travis Rempel

  4. Who Are You Anyway, owned by Barbara Stewart, shown by Gerry Hansma

  5. Her Royal Queen, owned by Rocky Davis, shown by Glen Beveridge


Integrity Built - $5,000 Novice Horse

  1. Champion - Kual Dual, owned by Ken & Karen Mix, shown by Gerry Hansma

  2. Reserve Champion - LSR Addarosa Rio, owned by Jill Rennie, shown by Tyler Darroch

  3. Spots Montana Doc, owned and shown by Denton Moffat

  4. Miss Playin RG, owned by Jewel Volts, shown by Glen Beveridge

  5. Play N Possum, owned by Lisa Christianson, sown by Loren Christianson



K&K Livestock - $25,000 Novice Horse Non Pro

  1. Champion - John E Boon, owned and shown by Doug Vanee

  2. Reserve Champion - Shinesintheboonlight, owned and shown by Melonie Armstrong

  3. Smart Instantly, owned and shown by Binky Moffat

  4. Nitarey Cine, owned and shown by Rocky Davis

  5. Drive This, owned and shown by Catherine Taggart


Diamond T Cowhorses - $5,000 Novice Horse Non Pro

  1. Champion - Holliwood, owned and shown by Matthew Anderson

  2. Reserve Champion - RH Purrolator Cat, owned and shown by Sandy Reid

  3. Bet Hesa Lena, owned and shown by Kaila Stewart

  4. WS I CD Cat, owned and shown by Carl Gerwien

  5. One Million Reasons, owned and shown by Kate Rusnack


CorVet Services - $2,000 Limit Rider

  1. Champion - Greta Wurtz

  2. Reserve Champion - Thomas Thorlakson

  3. Tory Correale

  4. Gregg Garvie

  5. Jeffery Slade



  1. Champion - Greta Wurtz

  2. Reserve Champion - Chase Pallesen

  3. Brooklyn Beveridge

  4. Teresa Lukacs

  5. Wyatt Coates


ACHA Saddle Series

$35,000 Non Pro - Randy Vanee

$15,000 Non Pro - Randy Vanee

$2,000 Limit Rider - Tanya Nelson

Dave Robson Award

Connie & Andy Cicoria

Most Improved Rider

Adult - Shelley Travis

Youth - Chase Pallesen 

2021 Never Won A Buckle Winners


Silver Slate Stampede NWB Winner - Brad Karl
Buckle graciously sponsored and presented by Guy Matheson.


Claresholm July Jammin' NWB Winner - Gavin Pellerin
Buckle graciously sponsored and presented by Guy Matheson.


Gary Moore Memorial Claresholm Classic NWB Winner - Jeff Slade
Buckle graciously sponsored and presented by Doug Reinhardt.

Jewel Volts - August NWB Winner.jpg

Silver Slate August Aged NWB Winner - Jewel Volts
Buckle graciously sponsored by Guy Matheson.

Brad Karl - 2021 NWB Ride Off Champion.jpg

Never Won A Buckle Finals Winner - Brad Karl
Buckle graciously sponsored and presented by Reinhardt Cutting Horses.

2021 ACHA Sponsor Cutting

Colleen - Trans Peace Construction
Colleen - Trans Peace Construction

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Emma - Diamond T Cowhorses
Emma - Diamond T Cowhorses

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Kaila Stewart - Sponsorship Cutting Champion
Kaila Stewart - Sponsorship Cutting Champion

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Colleen - Trans Peace Construction
Colleen - Trans Peace Construction

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  • T & T Sand & Gravel

  • Pauli Smith

  • Lynnwood Drugs, Welland Muri

  • Marc Ascione

  • Guy Matheson


Photos by Krystina Lynn Photography​